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Nova Runda

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3.87 44,103 Ratings 64 beers

Zagreb, Croatia

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Nova Runda about

Nova Runda is a Croatian brewery founded in 2013 by Marko Filipin and Miroslav Šuvak. Both were childhood friends, and started homebrewing together after visiting the Czech Republic in 2009. There they discovered that there was something else than industrial lagers, ans soon they joined a small Croatian homebrewers forum called

In 2013, after attending Pivkan festival in 2011 and Fozde Feszt Festival in 2012, they discovered CAMRA and British cask ale movement. Then they started brewing casks and after attending some other beer festivals, they funded Nova Runda. In 2014 they quit their job and started a crowdfunding in order to expand their facilities.

They are considered one of the best craft brewers in Croatia, with one of the best rated Croatian beers, as their famous American Pale Ale and C4 IPA.

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