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The arrival of beer in Argentina did not take place until 1738, when the Englishman Thomas Stuart established a brewery on Moreno Street in Buenos Aires called La Zervezería. Later, in 1842, the Germans Adolfo Bullrich and Carlos Ziegler recovered it, producing Cerveza Blanca (ale) and Cerveza Negra (porter) beer.

The oldest still active brewery was founded by Alsatian emigrant Emil Bieckert in 1860 in Buenos Aires near the church of Balbanera, which would inspire another German, Otto Bemberg, to found the Quilmes brewery in 1888. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, many breweries were founded, such as San Carlos (1884), Santa Fé (1892), Cervecería del Norte Argentino (1913) or Cervercería Córdoba (1917).

With the expropriation of factories, beer consumption in Argentina reached its minimum, being considered a drink only for the summer and marginal with respect to wine, reviving from the 80s, the most important brands being the aforementioned Quilmes, Imperial, Schneider or Salta.

Later, in 1994, the Antares brewery would appear in Mar de la Plata. In the last few years, with the new wave of artisan brewers, a multitude of new breweries have emerged, highlighting names such as Juguetes Perdidos, Murray's or Araucana.

Argentinian beer brands

  • Juguetes Perdidos

    Juguetes Perdidos is an Argentinian brewery founded in 2014 in Buenos Aires by Ricardo Aftyka, Rodrigo Lorán and Sergio Picciani. Ricardo, whose nickname is El Semilla, already had experience in homemade products since 2000. Ricardo and Rodrigo were members of the first group of Argentine home brewers, Somos Cerveceros, founded in 2008.

    In 2015 they opened their first factory in an old metallurgical plant in Buenos Aires. Due to the lack of raw materials for brewing in Argentina, their first foreign malts were obtained thanks to a flight attendant who worked with them. They also have a taproom bar called Bélgica.

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