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History of brewing in Russia dates back to the time of Katharine The Great, who started the imports of beer from the UK. This imports and the necessity of brewing a beer that had a high ABV in order to survive the cold transport conditions gave birth to the Imperial Stout style of beers. This trade finish after the Napoleonic wars, when the excise taxes make the beer imports in Russia go down, and all the market fell in the hands of Le Coq brewery in Tallin until the Russian Revolution in 1912. After the Revolution, foreign beers where renamed with Russian names, Zhigulevskoe (Zhiguli), Russkoe (Russian), Moskovskoe (Moscow), Ukrainskoe (Ukrainian), Leningradskoe (Leningrad), Porter, Martovskoe (March), and Karamelnoe (Caramel). Other Soviet Republic also had their own beer, totalling more than 350 brands in all the Soviet Union. Beers where not served in bars until the 70's, when canned beer was also introduced. Craft beer did not start in Russia until 2010, with Baltika Brewery and Brasserie de Metropole, both from St. Petersburg, paving the way for what was to come. After that, many new breweries have appeared, like Jaws from the Urals, or Zagovor from Moscow.

Russian beer brands

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