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Helsingborg, Sweden

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Brewski is a Swedish microbrewery based in Helsingborg (Sweden). Its name cames from the slang word for beer in some parts of Canada. It was founded by Marcus Hjalmarsson. Marcus decided to become a professional brewer after attending Borefts Festival—a beer festival held in Bodegraven, Netherlands, by De Molen´s Brewery—in 2013. Brewski started brewing fruity beers—with Mango or Passion Fruit—due to their lack of access to quality hops. One of their first success was the mango flavoured ale Mango Feber. Brewski helds a beer festival from 2016, called Brewskival, bringing around 50 breweries from all Europe and the US.

Brewing Fever interview

Helsinborg (Sweden), 18/08/2017

Marcus Hjalmarsson (Brewski), “Before I started the brewery, nobody wanted to ask me anything… I was just a strange guy in the office that nobody talked to. Not even my kids talked to me—and now they love me!”


Brewing Fever

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Brewskival Festival

Brewskival – Cindersgatan 8, 25225 Helsingborg ; 28-08-2020 | 30-08-2020

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