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Rochefort, Belgium

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Trappistes Rochefort - Brasserie de Rochefort is a Belgian Trappist brewery. This brewery is one of the only twelve monasteries allowed to use the trappist name and seal, along with other famous ones as Orval or Westmalle.

Rochefort Abbey was opened in the 13th century, and the brewery has been in production since 1595. For the brewing, they use their own water from the monastery well, as well as their own strain of yeast. The beer can be tasted in the monastery, that admits visitors. They follow the principles of the International Trappist Association
– They brew themselves the beer inside the monastery walls by 13 of their monks.
– The brewery is secondary to their monastic style of life.
– The brewery is non-profit, and the income is just used for covering their living expenses and the monastery manteinance.

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