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Malle, Belgium

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Westmalle is a Belgian trappist brewery based in the homonimous abbey. Westmalle Abbey was founded in 1794 after a group of trappist monks fled from La Trappe in 1793 due to the French Revolution. This monks were planning to escape to Canada, but they were convinced by the local bishop, who granted them a small farm in Westmalle called Nooit Rust (Never Rest). In 1836, they managed to finish their abbey, and that same year they started brewing, being the two pioneers Father Bonaventura Hermans and Albericus Kemps.

In 1856, the monks started selling the beer, that could be purchased just by knocking on the abbey door. This beer was a strong brown beer, that would be later known as [Dubbel](/shop/westmalle/dubbel/). Later in 1934, the brewery would produce a strong pale ale that would be know as Tripel, and it´s considered as the beer that gave its name to the Dubbel style.

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