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Baltic Porter

Baltic Porter beers have a deep brown colour an ABV between 6.5% and 9.5% and a high bitterness.

Baltic Porter characteristics

Baltic Porter mixes the malt flavors of English Porters with the restrained roast of German style smoked beer, and adds a higher ABV. It usually has complex aroma and flavour profiles with caramel, chocolate and/or fruits, with no sourness at all. Taste has a roasted touch and a clean lager character, but is much less roasted than an Imperial Stout.


Baltic Porter has its origins in the exports of Porter from the UK to the Baltic Sea countries—Russia, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia—that started to increase around the 1750's. After 1806, this trade was halted due to the Napoleonic wars that blocked this commercial route, so the supply was cut and breweries started to flourish in the Baltic countries. These breweries adopted the Porter style, but using ingredients available in the Baltic area, replacing British hops and malt for continental ones, and in many cases replacing ale yeast for botton fermenting lager yeast.

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