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Foreign Extra Stout

Foreign Extra Stout beers have a deep brown colour an ABV between 6.3% and 8% and a high bitterness.

Foreign Extra Stout characteristics

Foreign Extra Stout is a Extra Stout with higher ABV. Color is very deep brown to black, with high roasted aromas and hints of coffee and chocolate also with some fruitiness. Taste is roasted with coffee or chocolate and roasted character, with medium to high bitterness. It is a more alcoholic version of an Irish Extra Stout, but not as alcoholic or intense as an Imperial Stout.


Foreign Extra Stout is a style based in the Guinness West India Porter, intended to Irish immigrant workers in the Caribean, and was first produced in 1801. There were a more hopped and more alcoholic version of strong export Stouts.

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